Trinity Committees

NOW Committee

The three separate committees of Nurturing, Outreach, and Witness have now been consolidated into one entity, The NOW Committee.  Church members and constituents serve as needed.

Committee Chairs: Mary Boyer, Barb Mathis and Mary Vardeman.


Trustees (Chair elected by committee members)

2023: Bill Robinson, Barbara Mathis, Adam Williamson

2024: Ron Floray, Mary Lou Alexander, Ed Robinson

2025: Mary Vardeman, Harry Banister, Willy Spangler


Finance Committee

2023: Mary Lou Alexander & Mary Vardeman (Co-Chair)

2024: Jim Mathis, Ron Floray, Brenda Bellamy (Co-Chair)

2025: Ed Robinson, Betty Ludwig


Finance Committee By Virtue of Office

Pastor, Administrative Council Chair, Lay Member to Annual Conference, SPPRC Chair, Financial Secretary, Trustees Representative, Lay Leader & Treasurer


Staff Parish Relations Committee

2023: Mary Boyer, Betty Ludwig

2024: Ed Robinson, Robin Bednarek, Ann Burke (Chair)

2025: Myrna Floray,


Committee on Lay Leadership

2023: Myrna Floray

2024: Mary Boyer

2025: Betty Ludwig, Willy Spangler

Includes Pastor Orlando Gallardo-Parra